Health & Wellness at Home: The Power of Scent

At R and R Wellness Day Spa in Nashville, we believe that each one of your senses plays a role in your health and wellness.

The very first step of our Wellness Journey – our signature Wellness Blending Bar – engages your sense of smell. And that’s no accident. Your sense of smell is directly connected to areas of your brain that control mood, emotions, and memory. (That’s why certain smells can almost instantaneously evoke childhood memories.)

As the Harvard Gazette reported in a story that looks at how scent, emotion, and memory are intertwined, “Smells are handled by the olfactory bulb, the structure in the front of the brain that sends information to the other areas of the body’s central command for further processing. Odors take a direct route to the limbic system, including the amygdala and the hippocampus, the regions related to emotion and memory.”

Harnessing the Power of Scent at Home

When you embark on your Wellness Journey at our Nashville day spa, you will begin by crafting your own signature scent that will be used to create both a personalized body scrub and body butter to use throughout your journey.

You can draw on a variety of fragrances and essential oils when you are at home to help you create a certain mood, to help energize you or to help you relax. 

“Green bathing,” which refers to getting out and immersing yourself in nature, has been shown to be great at relieving stress. As the weather gets chillier, getting out for a walk might not always be practical. According to Health magazine, essential oils drawn from the forest – like balsam, spruce, and pine – can help to create a stress-relieving atmosphere at home. 

“Traditional aromatherapy recommends these foresty evergreen oils for soothing bumpy emotions and easing stress. Simply shake a few drops on your pillow or even onto a tissue. Breathe in deeply and slowly, relax, and visualize walking through a piney glade. (You can find pine essential oils at health-food stores.),” the magazine advises.

And, when you are ready to begin your Wellness Journey at our Nashville Yards day spa and create your own personal scent, we hope you will contact us.